General Tires – Proudly Delivered by Lezof in Saudi Arabia

General Tires Company is an associated concern of Continental Tyres, Germany. With a striking history of more than 85 years, General Tires is a hallmark of quality and affordability. The fascination aspect of these tires is the economy of buying them for your vehicle. The quality of products never compromised if you opt to shop within your budget.

General Tires Company is considered 4th largest tire manufacturer concern in the global market. It produces original equipment for tire repair and installation services that are favored the most internationally. The company is four basic pillars of meeting customer satisfaction that includes innovative design, improved performance, ultimate safety, and unmatched reliability.

Lezof brings home the legacy of incomparable innovation

General Tires is considered the custodian of carrying forward the legacy of unparalleled innovation in rubber products for the last 100 years. With the zealous efforts of our visionary team, Lezof is bringing that legacy to home that is Saudi Arabia.

The purchase and installation of General Grabber Tires is made possible by our technicians who are spread across the kingdom. You can just select the size you need, and the tires will be directed to one of our professional prolific technicians. Don't forget to select a workshop near you to enjoy the ease and comfort of availing our services. to know, please don’t hesitate to connect via phone or email.